“Technology is a good servant but a dangerous master”- Christian Lange

Projectors and overheads used for educational purposes

Projectors and overheads used for educational purposes

Implementation of technology is nothing new

Education is changing. If education never changed, then it wouldn’t be able to keep up with modern academic discoveries. My point in the fact that education is changing is referring to the way it is now taught, the skills that are used, are different than they were even a few decades ago. I remember in elementary school when teachers used overheads (yes that made the rooms painfully warm) and then a few years later switched to doing PowerPoint slides to teach while connected from their own laptops to the projectors. Even now, the way technology is implemented in classrooms changes how a student can learn. Lessons have become more interactive but it has also created more distractions and temptations for students.

Modern differences in technology

My brother is currently in high school and as much as the curriculum has remained the same, other things have changed. For example, my parents get e-mails and scheduled agendas from teachers. So while some people may say that communication between student-teacher has decreased due to technological advances, parents and teachers have new ways to stay in contact with one another. My mother really appreciated how much she can stay connected with my brother’s school and his education, giving them better chances of figuring out his weaknesses and strengths alongside the teachers.

Colleges and universities have not changed the academics in their programs. Instead, only the way to teach students has changed. The article also added that since more students are attending school than ever before, the costs that come with using technology has increased. The writer says that since the academics themselves have not changed, there isn’t really an advantage to use technology. I disagree with that statement because since the teacher to student ratio has increased, it would be significantly difficult to teach a classroom with the same quality as with the use of technology. 

This video provided by Intel portrays how much technology is having an impact in classrooms in North America. One of the children in the video said how easy it is to go back and learn a point from a lesson because he can record all the lessons. This means that students who are not quick learners have a more efficient way of catching up to other students. At the same time however, we must look at the negative aspects of using too much technology in our educational systems. For example, students are having memory problems now more than ever since everything is on the Internet. If everything is searchable and within reach, the students are less prone to actually memorize the lessons they learn. This can mean that the ways students are tested should change.

Global Perspective

Many developing countries focus more on how much a student can remember than how to apply information. It’s reversed in European and North American countries where nowadays, there is an equal amount of pressure to be tested on the application of academic lessons, as well as the theory based information. I think teachers need to modernize the information that gets tested from just being theory based to incorporating more application based problemoit_asset_426959, especially in the developing nations.

While there is a great difference done to the developed countries in the form of their education, a lot is to be improved upon the educational lives of children in developing nations. Children in Africa and Asia have many countries where computers themselves are hard to come by. However, companies like Cisco and Intel offer more opportunities for students across the world to learn and educate themselves in ways that weren’t possible before.  Students in Africa text to share their ideas in how they can improve their nations. I think it’s important to remember that technology is just a tool, a tool that can be used to either enhance our way of lives or use it in negative aspects that provide no gains to the human world.


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