Implementation of technology is nothing new Education is changing. If education never changed, then it wouldn’t be able to keep up with modern academic discoveries. My point in the fact that education is changing is referring to the way it is now taught, the skills that are used, are different than they were even a few decades […]

Kim Schmitz (Dotcom), owner of previously shut down Megaupload, tweeted a few months ago his approach to shutting down piracy. Not possible, you say? First of all, the man had been bypassing many international, especially American, laws pertaining to piracy until recently. In any case, let’s look at his tweet and break down exactly whether […]

When you go on a bus or any other transportation, you’ll see people on their phone or their laptop. Now, a relatively new product has made it on the bus: e-readers. There are many reasons why I, an avid reader, should get one. Visiting a site that listsmanyof the advantages can easily be found (such […]